Top 20 Retail Technology Solution Companies - 2016

From intelligent displays in brick and mortar stores to apps that allow seamless shopping, the retail technology trajectory is bent on converging customer touch points to elevate consumer experience. The future technology upheaval in retail is dependent on the effective utilization of the current innovations and sciences enveloping the dynamic retail space.

In retail’s evolution spree, the CIOs have their fair share of challenges and opportunities rendered along the technology value-chain. With global e-commerce surging on as a trillion dollar industry, the pace of omni-channel retailing is gathering newer dimensions. Heralding a new beginning, the confluence of commerce technologies and social media trends are influencing in-store purchase decisions, ramping up the convenience factor, and increasing profits in the digital marketplace.

For all those gleaming merchandise stocked shelves, numerous technologies work in tandem to enable every commerce transaction, whether occurring in a bricks and mortar store or through online. The need to stay abreast of the rising retail tide is to invest in the right technology or the solution. The POS products and solutions, mobile payment apps, tablets with mobile POS—the creative deployment of today’s technologies rope in the tactile experience for the consumer. The mobility-defined networks that showcase store associates as virtual assistants and the iBeacons that route relevant customer-centric promotions—all add to the retail experience.

In conjunction with the numerous technologies, the right implementation procedures and guidelines are definitely resourceful. The expertise of numerous consultants foretells the pitfalls, while ensuring easy and efficient adoption of relevant technologies.

In this scenario, in order to assist CIOs in identifying the right technology providers, CIOReview presents “20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers 2016”.

    Top Retail Technology Solutions Companies

  • 1

    A provider of data analytics, reporting solutions, and loss prevention solutions for retail and food and beverage operations

  • 2

    A personalized marketing and loyalty platform, which uses smart data capture and artificial intelligence to change the way retailers communicate with their customers

  • 3

    Revolutionizing the enterprise e-commerce platform market with an API-first, cloud-based solution

  • 4

    Provides enterprise digital analytics support for improved traffic and sales of online business

  • 5

    A consulting company that provides expertise in technology implementations, systems architecture, and offers innovative solutions for retailers

  • 6

    An enterprise mobility solution provider for Sales Execution, Distribution, Retail Execution, helping them to have a clear in-store visibility for improving customer service and gaining immense competitive advantage

  • 7

    Provider of omni-channel planning solutions for retail, wholesale and direct-to-consumer businesses

  • 8

    Provides comprehensive communication solutions for retailers and supermarkets to improve teamwork, and enhance productivity and customer experience

  • 9

    Provider of global retailing information, from news and analysis to market research and digital media

  • 10

    Delivers innovative retail merchandising and supply chain solutions

  • 11

    Provides a self-checkout shopping app to bring the ease of e-commerce to physical stores

  • 12



    Provider of software solution to enhance the in-store shopping experience with its multi-store, multi-user, e-commerce, loyalty-ready abilities

  • 13



    Provider of tools and expertise helping eCommerce businesses articulate requirements and choose technology solutions that best fit their business needs

  • 14

    PDI Software

    PDI Software

    Delivers enterprise-wide software and services managing needs of convenience store and wholesale petroleum marketers

  • 15



    Provider of cloud based customer engagement solution that enables brands to target and engage visitors on their website

  • 16



    Provider of merchandising, assisted sales, training, field marketing and more for retailers and manufacturers across all trade channels

  • 17



    Provider of professionally managed, affordable, and full unified retail technology solutions

  • 18

    Retail Solutions

    Retail Solutions

    Provider of cloud-based applications, demand intelligence & data integration to maximize the ROI of daily actions, which drive & respond to consumer demand

  • 19

    Tango Analytics

    Tango Analytics

    Provider of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution built retail GIS and store development execution

  • 20



    Provider of retail merchandising, design, and project management solutions and services