Top 20 Retail Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2013

Technology has shaped the retail arena so much that retailers are wholly sinking into the pure technology play. The evolution of technology within the retail and e-commerce space is shaping how consumers behave and interact with brands and savvy, smart retailers know that understanding shoppers’ behavior is key for success. Besides knowing and analyzing the customer mind, it is important to implement a systematic and smooth flow of operations to make retail businesses trouble-free.

The convergence of technology with retail has boosted the industry’s confidence to impress customers and scrape out aged methodologies. Hence, most retail solution providers are redesigning their supply channels by incorporating latest technological trends like monitoring and providing data in seconds through cloud integration.

As retail businesses grow and expand, their requirement for enhanced back-end operations has also dramatically increased and some companies have excelled in delivering the best technological services. In the last few months, we have looked at hundreds of retail providers and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling the challenges of the retail industry faced by several merchants.

In our selection we looked at the vendor's capability to fulfill the needs of retailers through retail-centric technology that support core business processes of any industry. Also, we evaluated the vendors support through the integration of latest technologies into their system.

Today, we present to you CIOReview's 20 Most Promising Retail Technology Solution and Consulting Providers of 2013.

    Top Retail Technology Consulting/Services Companies

  • 1

    Adaptive Business Solutions transforms Microsoft Dynamics NAV tools into business solutions that support the way businesses run.

  • 2

    Whether it is a young start-up wanting to capitalize on momentum, or a Fortune 500 company that has outgrown its existing IT system, companies always require a source that can provide them with guidance through every new step.

  • 3

    ConStrata provides consulting services that identify a broad range of proven and innovative technology strategies and partners to help global retailers select solutions.

  • 4

    Denali Advanced Integration is an Information Technology service provider which is principally engaged in providing IT and business solutions.

  • 5

    Founded in 1996, Dionco’s primary focus is keynote speeches, seminars and workshops, as well as corporate and individual retail, consulting and training. They specialize in retail selling skills, store operations, merchandising, retail technology, consumer trends and store optimization strategies. With expertise in interpreting the retail marketplace, the firm has the ability to convert insights into successful strategies for retailers.

  • 6

    Rapidly changing technologies leave retailers in a constant struggle to keep up. In addition, retailers are adopting mobility like no other technology before and often need the help of mobile experts and partners as they navigate uncharted territory.

  • 7

    Enterprises are forced to adopt technologies on the move that help them get over uncertainties and fierce competition. In such scenarios, solution providers are equally under pressure to be innovative while dealing with customer's dynamic IT needs, evolving trends like cloud, mobility and analytics, and most important the fast changing online consumer behaviour.

  • 8

    GlobalLogic helps companies architect, develop, and deploy products and business services leveraging Big Data and the cloud.

  • 9

    Kurt Salmon is a global management consultancy of more than 1,400 consultants in 13 countries across four continents.

  • 10

    Kyrus Solutions help customers design, build, implement and manage software, hardware and systems infrastructure which is needed to increase business’ profitability.

  • 11

    MMSC is a Dell partnerDirect Certified reseller, that designs and implements retail point-of-sale solutions, online eCommerce websites, financial tracking and reporting systems

  • 12

    Opsec Consulting provides the consulting services, the required hardware and/or software, the integration services, and the project management

  • 13

    panoramic power is a provider of circuit level energy management solutions, enabling businesses to optimize their energy consumption and operational efficiency

  • 14

    RCG focuses on strategic, business and information needs in order to architect and deliver the Business Intelligence (BI) solution as a strategic capability

  • 15

    Real Soft is a global software solutions company, a pioneer in providing professional services and delivering business solutions

  • 16

    RPE Solutions offers strategic, functional and technical expertise focused exclusively on the retail industry.

  • 17

    Tectura provides implementations of ERP,CRM and POS solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics.

  • 18

    Stixis brings in plethora of technology capabilities with dedicated open source development

  • 19

    SAS Retail functions and manages fair-share programs between multiple vendors-which means activities are executed more efficiently.

  • 20

    Sky I.T. Group is a single source It Solution provider that focuses on its customers’ bottom line business results by driving technology optimization