20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers - 2015

The future technology upheaval in retail is dependent on the effective utilization of the current innovations and sciences enveloping the dynamic retail space. Here, we present to you the 20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers 2015.


Company Name

Company Description

4R Systems Providing retailers’ breakthrough technologies that profit optimize inventory decisions throughout an item’s life
Checkpoint Systems A provider of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and merchandise visibility
Cin7 Provider of Cloud Inventory and Point Of Sale solutions with easy integration as add- ons to existing software.
Cloud Logistics Cloud Logistics brings the newest generation of logistics solutions to the global supply chain market
Direct Source A nationwide technology solutions provider that offers hardware and software solutions designed to help tier-one retailers improve productivity and customer service
FoyerLive A nation wide technology solutions provider that offers hardware and software solutions designed to help tier - one retailers improve productivity and customer service
FutureProof Retail Future Proof Retail helps merchants capitalize on technology by making the in-store experience more pleasant, convenient and profitable
GoECart Provides fully integrated, on-demand e-commerce solutions
Measurence Providing real- time insights into customer behavior which help retailers optimize on their business operations
Mozu Provider of commerce solutions for large enterprises
Optical Phusion, Inc. OPI drives the entire lifecycle of wireless technology projects with application-based solutions for a range of markets specializing in retail, supply chain, and field sales organizations
ownerIQ Unearths coveted and in- market audiences through the power of second-party data sharing
PCSTrac Offers the industry’s most advanced and flexible end-to-end carton tracking software
PlumSlice Labs Provides a suite of web and mobile applications with eight modules by leveraging the cloud and mobile technology
Predictix A provider of cloud-native, predictive and prescriptive analytics solution for retail
Reflexis Systems Reflexis helps companies turn strategies into action, thereby enhancing sales
RetailNext RetailNext’s platform delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics empowering retailers, shopping centers, and manufacturers
STORIS Provides integrated, omni-channel retail software solutions for the furniture, bedding, appliance, and electronics industries
Symphony Commerce Delivers enterprise-level commerce as a service and handles critical wholesale and retail business requirements from commerce applications to supply chain logistics
TurnTo Networks Provides customer generated content across a wide range of mobile devices to the purchaser