Openbravo: Infusing Retail with Agility and Innovation

Marco de Vries, CEO
With the evolving customer profile demanding higher speed, convenience, and personalization, retailers are under constant pressure to not only innovate products and customer experiences but also become adaptable and agile organizations. The need for transformation is also powered by the growing importance of omnichannel and online retail. However, despite the evident growth, clear best practices for omnichannel are still missing; as a result, each company tries to define and execute their own approach. In such a scenario, retailers seek a solution that allows them to unlock agility and innovation in their operations. This is where Openbravo outperforms the existing solutions with its comprehensive POS and Retail Management solution. The company helps delivering differentiated shopping experiences, built on top of a highly flexible and mobile-enabled technology platform to execute change and innovate faster while working in a dedicated cloud infrastructure to run smooth retail operations. “Our objective is to enable our clients to achieve greater agility and innovation in their retail operations and boost competitiveness through our flexible and adaptable solutions,” says Marco de Vries, CEO of Openbravo.

Openbravo helps retailers to offer more personalization and enhanced customer service through its mobile POS that comprises of a complete set of assisted sale capabilities to increase sales and customer loyalty. Its full web and mobile solution can be run from any device even in case of connectivity loss owing to its responsive design concept and Openbravo's offline-resistant technology. “Unlike other solutions in the market that provide mobile POS functionality as a subset of the total functionality, Openbravo offers a single mPOS solution offering exactly the same functionality to all type of devices,” says de Vries.

In the back office, Openbravo offers a complete set of features supporting merchandise and supply chain management, omnichannel commerce including seamless e-commerce integration as well as strong support to stores operations. The solution enables faster introduction of new products, prices and promotions, and accurate real-time visibility of inventory across locations with effective execution of warehouse activities from mobile devices. Openbravo’s POS solution helps retailers to simplify their in-store IT infrastructure dramatically. “Since our solution imposes minimum technical requirements, it opens the possibility to reduce the initial hardware investment by allowing the use of existing terminals,” says de Vries.

Our objective is to enable our clients to achieve greater agility and innovation in their retail operations and boost competitiveness through our flexible and adaptable solutions

From a security standpoint, Openbravo offers a flexible role-based system for complete data protection. Its sophisticated set of staff POS permissions and configurable managers’ approval systems can be used for typical actions like deleting a ticket or creating manual discounts during all opening and closing activities. “Our solution is also easy to integrate enabling retailers to protect prior IT investments with the ability to harmonize existing corporate processes, end to end easily.”

With a relentless focus on enhancing retail operations, Openbravo will continue empowering retailers to manage rapidly changing retail business needs more efficiently. The company’s revamped cloud offering has added a silver lining to its stature in the market as a Cloud POS and Retail Management software solution vendor of choice. Evidently, Openbravo is able to pique the interest of large retailers worldwide like Decathlon, La Europea, Sharaf DG, Nike Factory Stores and BUT that already chose Openbravo to run their retail operations.

Striding ahead, the company is investing in innovations such as the enhancement of standard omnichannel capabilities as well the delivery of new connectors like a certified SAP connector. In addition, the company is set to launch additional key features in its product as a result of a sponsored development approach, which allows selected key innovations delivered for concrete customers incorporated into the standard product. “We are looking forward to delivering a highly valuable model that will ensure customers’ benefit from a standard functionality in the future and help Openbravo to open up new avenues. A clear win-win scenario,” concludes de Vries.


Pamplona, Spain

Marco de Vries, CEO

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