VTEX: Augmenting Ecommerce across the Globe

Mariano Gomide de Faria, Founder and Co-CEO
Strolling down the memory lane, back in their mechanical engineering days, entrepreneurs Mariano Gomide de Faria and Geraldo Thomaz worked on a personal project on financial markets that did not contrive results, alluring them to test the waters in the retail industry. Little did they know that this experiment would spark the genesis of their business venture—VTEX—assisting retailers and brands to expand their ecommerce business in emerging markets in a localized manner. Today, the company offers a single code based, end-to-end multi-tenant cloud ecommerce platform comprising of an array of powerful tools dedicated to deliver bespoke shopping experiences and real-time responses.

“The year 2007 marked a milestone for us when the multinational retailer— Walmart declared to launch a global ecommerce platform in Brazil and UK,” begins De Faria, Founder and Co-CEO, VTEX. Having won the bid, the successful implementation at Walmart provided VTEX the much need momentum in the competitive market. Currently, the firm’s omnichannel ecommerce platform embodies ingenious modules and hundreds of extensions working in unison to attend multi-channel demands in B2B, B2C, B2E and B2B2C verticals. Considering the pressing need for scalability, agility, low cost of ownership, omnichannel capabilities in expanding ecommerce, VTEX’s innovative modules work in sync across different infrastructure, teams, and diverse languages, aimed at global expansion in lieu of a localized approach.

In an era of economic debacles like Brexit, De Faria points out, “The secret of expanding ecommerce globally is by controlling the workflow of sales and orders.” The firm’s simple and centralized order management system—VTEX OMS—allows users to control the entire workflow of the order; right from payments to shipments and carriers. “Our fully customizable and flexible Content Management System (CMS) allows creation of your own pages, banners, campaigns and much more,” delineates De Faria. Adding to this is the firm’s logistics module delivering the best possible logistics options and taking charge of the entire carrier data along with managing inventories, routes, shipping charges, warehouses and more.

Our fully customizable and flexible Content Management System (CMS) allows creation of your own pages, banners, campaigns and much more

Challenging the orthodoxies in the legacy on-premise solutions, VTEX provisions cloud-based solutions that dramatically reduce upfront costs and also seamlessly integrate with ERP, antifraud, lead generators, and logistics. “We offer a multi-gateway solution that allows cloud integrations with multiple software vendors, and multiple suppliers,” extols De Faria. From the security and user perspective, VTEX offers double step sign-in and patent-pending one-click checkout technology—SmartCheckout— allowing intuitive, secure and password free checkout.

As digitalization weaves into the fabric of retail industry, VTEX is driving ahead of the curve with its auto-scaling elastic cloud infrastructure that manages diverse aspects of ecommerce while offering a single pane view.

Needless to say, renowned names like Whirlpool, Electrolux, Danone, Calvin Klein, and Pandora among others trust VTEX for their ecommerce business for increased conversion rates and time-to-market. When Sony was looking for replatforming their online business in Latin America for expanding to other markets, VTEX stepped in with its cloud solution. Offering an average of more than 645 upgrades per month and more than 54 percent increase in the conversion rate, VTEX enabled Sony to launch their site within four months of implementing their ecommerce solution.

VTEX’s prowess to innovate in the realm of the retail industry is what keeps it ahead of the competition. In days to come, “We are focusing on consolidating our presence in U.S. and European market, and look forward to innovate further bringing in new approaches in the area of ecommerce,” states De Faria.


London, UK, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mariano Gomide de Faria, Founder and Co-CEO and Geraldo Thomaz, Founder

Multi-tenant cloud ecommerce solution for tailored shopping experiences and real-time responses