PDI: Enterprise Management Software Helping Retailers and Petroleum Marketers Thrive

Jimmy Frangis, CEO
In the battle to get bodies through the door and ensure customer loyalty, retailers are increasingly turning to holistic software technology capable of driving operational efficiency and growth. PDI ensures that competitive advantage by providing enterprise software and solutions to the leading convenience retailers and wholesale petroleum marketers. Over 500 companies operating across more than 50,000 locations worldwide, rely on PDI’s software for retail automation, business intelligence, financial reporting, workforce management, and end-to-end fuel supply chain management, including logistics.

The Retail suite—part of PDI’s comprehensive ERP software solution— provides site-level control and streamlines the flow of information between the store, corporate office, and vendors. “Our software takes the complexity of managing a multi-site retail operation and simplifies it by giving retailers a single, fully integrated solution that automates accounting and cash management processes, centralizes pricebook and inventory control, and provides actionable insights that drive decision making accuracy,” says Jimmy Frangis, CEO, PDI.

As more convenience retailers look to diversify their profit centers and grow their businesses, the focus on foodservice continues to increase. Today, they face several challenges, including waste management, production planning, refrigeration, inventory spoilage and shrinkage that often threaten their business plans. One of PDI’s primary strengths is its ability to provide up-to-the-minute inventory data to operators struggling with inventory management—a feature critical for retailers with foodservice businesses. “Our software helps in reducing inventory loss and shrinkage,” says Frangis. “The Retail suite reduces the carrying cost of the inventory by minimizing spoilage while successfully dealing with out-of-stock scenarios through real time inventory information updates across their locations.”

In an implementation highlight, one of its clients with stores across 500 locations implemented the Retail suite to curtail the challenge of spoilage and inventory shrinkage and improve the in-store merchandise ordering process in their fresh food environments. PDI’s Retail suite automated the inventory management process, allowing the retailer to manage inventory at the item level on an ongoing basis.

Our software delivers operational control, efficiency and bottom-line growth for retailers

The result: inventory loss was reduced by 10 percent across locations. “The client achieved significant savings through the automation of the reconciliation process. The time spent on reconciliation of the fuel and merchandise inventory was reduced by 40 hours per month,” adds Frangis.

PDI helps retailers reduce cost further through its labor management module that drives workforce efficiency while reducing labor cost. The labor management module has tools for time and attendance, scheduling, overtime management, and payroll. “Labor allocation allows the retailer to use their transaction level sales data to determine peak times in their stores and respond with the appropriate staffing levels. The result is that retailers can optimize their labor levels and improve their bottom line without sacrificing customer service,” informs Frangis.

PDI’s holistic software solution extends to the wholesale petroleum market with the company providing end-to-end fuel supply chain management, including logistics, for petroleum marketers. The wholesale software enables customers to easily manage warehouse and tank inventory levels, environmental compliance, order processing, scheduling, and dispatching of trucks carrying petroleum products. Much like its Retail offering, PDI is looking forward to expanding its wholesale software capabilities and driving value for petroleum marketers as it taps newer markets across the globe.

Internally, PDI has undergone a renaissance in their go-to-market strategy with a bevy of strategic acquisitions and partnerships. “The next chapter in PDI’s journey is expanding its market reach into Europe, Mexico, and South East Asia with a focus on further expanding our foothold in the wholesale fuel and supply chain markets,” says Frangis.


Temple, TX

Jimmy Frangis, CEO

PDI’s ERP software drives efficiency and bottom-line value by helping retailers and petroleum marketers reimagine enterprise management and thrive in today’s digital economy