e3 Retail: Driving Customer Value through Technology

Ken Jenkins, CEO & President
In an era of IT consumerization where customers seek to interact with businesses through diverse channels, retailers are stepping ahead to be technologically-enabled to stay in pace with the rising competition. IT architecture that aligns to the business goals thus forms the crux for building a sustainable business model. Offering retailers a vantage point to stay clear of challenges in maintaining an IT-driven business environment is e3 Retail. As a retail technology solutions and services company, e3 Retail offers its ADVANTAGe suite to help businesses improve their customer service. “The key to customer satisfaction is anticipating the market demand, while providing them innovative solutions with a distinct competitive advantage,” says Ken Jenkins, President and CEO, e3 Retail.

The ADVANTAGe suite is a set of solutions and services empowering businesses get a 360 degree view of their customers. The ADVANTAGe Data Exchanger solution facilitates sharing of customer data between systems and channels for upselling or cross-selling. By having a holistic view of interactions made by the customer across various channels, such as online, mobile, or on-premise, the solution boosts retailers’ business prospects by sharing video links, product demos, and messages with them.

e3 Retail leverages data capture components, integration modules, and messaging engines to capture and share the customer and enterprise data seamlessly across the enterprise. The retailers can also access and manage their POS devices such as printers and signature capture pads not just wirelessly but from web applications as well.

Adding another layer of personalization in its technology consulting approach is its customized product development services based on .NET platform. With e3 Retail’s product development services, businesses can develop or re-engineer their solutions to align with the current technology trends and innovations. From running independent assessments to designing comprehensive architecture and developing proof of concepts, e3 Retail helps retailers chart out a technology roadmap as part of their business strategy.

The key to customer satisfaction is anticipating the market demand, while providing them innovative solutions with a distinct competitive advantage

To address the increasing complexity in compliance and security, e3 Retail offers Retail Security Consulting service. The approach involves a team of security experts who share valuable and actionable insights in the areas of risk assessment, regulatory compliance, and security lifecycle management to ensure compliance, security, and business continuity.

e3 Retail has integrated Point-to- Point encryption (P2PE) technology in its TouchPointPOS solution to ensure that the customers’ credit or debit card data is encrypted the moment they submit their card at a P2PE certified payment terminal. Security is ensured as the encrypted data can be decrypted only by the retailer’s backend merchant processor or authorizing bank. With this cutting edge security arrangement, e3 Retail helps retailers deliver greater value to their customers.

“e3 Retail is an important partner for us as we work to put the customers at the core of every process and every decision,” said Joe McRae, Senior Director of Retail IT for Best Buy. Having deployed ADVANTAGe POS software across 1,400 stores in the U.S., Best Buy acknowledges e3 Retail’s expertise to bring in simplicity for sales associates in using the POS solution while building positive experience for its customers.

“e3 Retail can provide competitive advantage by bringing innovative technology solutions, project leadership and service,” says Jenkins. With its expertise and experience in delivering intuitive retail solutions, e3 Retail continuously helps retailers explore the avenues of enhanced customer engagement and business success.

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Ken Jenkins, CEO & President

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