Sky IT Group: Extensive Data Gathering with Robust Reporting Functionality Yields Measurable Busines

CIO VendorJay Hakami, President & CEO
Jay Hakami loves to play basketball. Just like the competitive nature of the game, he enjoys triumphing over hurdles and moving towards the hoop; a skill that powers him to lead Sky IT Group in the ever-evolving Retail and Wholesale sector. Along with his team of expert s, Jay is using Sky IT Group’s business intelligence as a service (SaaS) solution, SKYPAD, to ride on the $4.53 trillion retail market in the U.S.

SKYPAD helps in overcoming the complexity of the retail environment by transforming data into business results. “SKYPAD goes beyond EDI data sources and manual processes by integrating retail portals, merchant spreadsheets, and internal data sources into one centralized and web-based reporting application. SKYPAD ensures an accurate insight into product sales performance and consumer trends across multiple retail channels and by any combination of product attributes, geography and time dimension,” explains Jay.

With the retail industry setting the pace high, data-driven marketing is becoming an incredibly complex challenge. However, SKYPAD customers feel that data tapped in the right way can create a positive impact in their business. Retailers and Wholesalers have to continuously analyze consumer buying trends to deliver positive business results and meaningful ROI,” says Jay. Globally recognizable brands such as; Giorgio Armani, Theory, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Prada, Tory Burch, Rebecca Minkoff, Chloe, BYER California, Jones NY, Alice and Olivia depend on SKYPAD, to equip their merchandising, planning, sales, and marketing teams. SKYPAD is deployed using the next level in memory BI software, QlikView, “To ensure the highest customer satisfaction, “best practices” and best of breed tools are not enough, we also recognized that each customer is unique and must adhere to their special requirements.” says Jay.

Sky IT Group believes in three key strengths that make them unique from their competitors—
a) The ability to collect, transform and integrate data from any protocol, fileformats and/or data sources, including web portals, PDF documents, and complex spreadsheets.
b) The automation of data collection and transformation so that the hundreds of data sources collected for each client between Saturday and Monday are processed, analyzed, added to the database and published for the users every Monday morning.
c) Focus on usability for clients to rapidly interact with the data provided to derive actionable strategies to improve their retail results.

SKYPAD provides accurate portrayal and insight of product sales performance and consumer trends across multiple retail channels and by any combination of product attributes, geography and time dimension

A leading NY-based retail and wholesale fashion company chose to implement SKYPAD in order to improve their size assortment planning. In less than eight weeks, the company noticed an increase in business efficiency; better assortments at the store level, elimination of non-selling products, reduction in charge backs, 16 percent increase in sales, and 24 percent increase in GM.

Sky IT Group is now expanding its offering by incorporating predictive analytics aimed to forecast consumer sentiment. Using several years of selling data across the world combined with thousands of other parameters (demographics, weather, economy, consumer confidence, etc.), consumer response to each client’s goods can be better predicted than using models that only use selling history for generating forecasts. “We want to be the ‘intelligence’ between consumer trends, retailers, and suppliers,” says Jay Hakami.

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Jay Hakami, President & CEO

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