RCG Global Services: Optimizing Omni Channel Retailing

Robert Simplot, CEO
Tracking the endangered mountain gorilla in Uganda or going 1000 miles upstream on the Amazon River, or plunging into the depths of the ocean—all these comprise Robert Simplot’s adventure sports, validated by boldness. The CEO of RCG Global Services brings forth the same boldness that stems out of confidence into the business relationships while imparting retail consulting assistance to clients, helping them implement strategic business initiatives.

The volume of business transpired through web based channels depends on understanding customer purchase history through multiple channels and executing personalized offers on the website. “We have a great deal of experience with capturing and analyzing customer purchase history, and performing customer segmentation in terms of the proximity of the purchase from a particular store,” says Simplot. The company’s solutions revolve around sourcing information, its quality and timeliness, and using that information to a competitive advantage.

“Nothing angers a consumer more than a price difference of the product on the web and at the store. Our solutions help retail companies with pricing optimization across all channels,” says Simplot. For the online sales channel, RCG helps retailers with touch screen analysis that ascertains the behavior of website visitors real-time. It leverages the power of Big Data and Hadoop to match that against in store customer purchase history, and then execute personalized offers to that visitor who is still on the website,” explains Simplot. In an Omni-channel retail landscape, a significant challenge facing retailers is the optimization of inventory across channels. RCG's Retail Solutions focus on ensuring effective crosschannel optimization through category management, customer loyalty programs, Shelf Replenishment, Inventory Tracking, Personalized Offers and Retail Scorecards to measure and monitor store Operations.

In an implementation highlight, when a Fortune 100 retailer in the mid west, wanted to roll out a national loyalty program, they neither had the understanding of the customer purchase history nor about the customer buying patterns.
Embarking on an 18 month engagement, RCG Global Services captured the entire customer buying data from their source systems. “We had an elaborate dashboard to capture the customer purchase history and we segmented the customer buying behavior along nine different dimensions eventually underpinning the national loyalty program,” says Simplot.

We have a great deal of experience with capturing and analyzing customer purchase history, and doing customer segmentation

RCG Global Services’ front end business consulting solution enables the client’s business executive community to achieve futuristic vision through implementable steps along the way. “Everything we do is collaborative and custom, because in the retail world, often ‘off the shelf software’ packages just do not work. And we are not a package implementer, but a designer and implementer of a custom solution that, fits the complex retail enterprise,” says Simplot.

RCG Global Solutions is constantly tuning its offerings with its new tagline as ‘Ideas Realized’. “Our mission reflects our workflow, where we bring the client every step of the way along the journey in a collaborative mode. Our differentiator lies in our deep flexibility and the broad depth of experience in the retail sector,” says Simplot.

RCG‘s next wave in the real technology innovation is going to be centered around the concept of Big Data. “We have invested in Big Data expertise, data sciences, using the wonderful technology that the whole Hadoop universe can bring to bear, helping retail companies produce insights into the data they already have and which they did not know existed before,” concludes Simplot.

RCG Global Services

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Robert Simplot, CEO

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