Epicor ERP version 10 to Streamline Complexities for Retail
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Epicor ERP version 10 to Streamline Complexities for Retail

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 7, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Epicor Software Corporation, provider of business software solutions for manufacturing and retail launches Epicor ERP version 10 which is fully optimized for SQL Server 2014.

The latest version of Epicor ERP technology foundation is structured to help drive twice the performance and four times the scalability of previous Epicor ERP releases and further streamlines complexity and minimizes IT cost.

Epicor ERP further helps organization to achieve significant cost advantages as it can be run exclusively on an end-to-end Microsoft technology stack and further enables organizations to source IT support from professionals skilled in Windows, SQL Server and .NET technologies, as opposed to proprietary technologies.

“Epicor ERP version 10 is architected specifically for Microsoft’s data platform and SQL Server 2014. Epicor ERP version 10 is optimized for the SQL Server 2014 data engine, analysis and reporting services, enabling our solution to scale from 30 to 1000s of users in a very cost effective manner. SQL Server 2014 provides exactly what our ERP customers are looking for in a database technology -- easy to manage high availability and fast data processing capabilities. In virtually all aspects, Epicor ERP version 10 performance is now double that of our previous releases, and achieves much better hardware efficiency, which lowers infrastructure costs significantly,” said Erik Johnson, ‎vice president, technology strategy at Epicor Software.

Epicor ERP version 10 enhances its powerful ICE Business Architecture, advances Epicor ERP interoperability and allows users to define ERP for themselves and share it with others. ERP services are managed by the Epicor ICE Framework to coordinate their interactions in accordance with business processes defined by ERP users.

 “Change is inevitable in the business world, but ERP disruption doesn’t have to be. New functionality in Epicor ICE is designed to support the delivery of business insights with greater speed for improved organizational responsiveness and decision making, and reduce the disruptiveness that accompanies constant change,” adds Johnson.

Furthermore, Epicor ERP’s features include support for multiple data sources, the means to publish dashboards on mobile devices and Microsoft SharePoint sites for improved collaboration.