Top 20 Retail Companies - 2019

Top 20 Retail Companies - 2019

Corporations are now sourcing their required supplies and serving a customer base all across the globe. This explosive globalization of supply management has forced the retail businesses to find the most effective ways to coordinate the flow of materials in and out of the company. As the retail ecosystem continues its evolutionary course, businesses are increasingly endeavoring to provide new and more sophisticated technologies to create incredible digital experiences for buyers. Drones, droids, augmented reality goggles, and smart refrigerators are some of the prominent innovations on the horizon that are expected to transform the retail industry in the upcoming years.

The retail industry has been going through a massive transformation powered by AI, IoT, advanced analytics, big data, and blockchain. With the advent of cloud-powered software and modern technologies, supply chain has found a fresh meaning to efficiency and productivity for today’s fast-paced retail businesses. As emerging technologies continue to take centre stage, retail giants are pushing the boundaries to draw in cognitive computing and conversational AI platforms to develop advanced analytics and business intelligence and maximize operational efficiencies. Leveraging such advancements, today’s modern solutions enable enterprise organizations to optimize transportation performance, product tracking, and traceability to analyze product ROI.

As organizations look for a retail solution provider that matches their needs, CIOReview brings forth a comprehensive list of the leading service providers. This listing provides a fresh view into how the technology solutions in this domain can deliver optimization to your retail processes.

We present to you “20 Most Promising Retail Solution Providers - 2019”

Company Name

Company Description

22 Miles Provides a digital signage content transfer solution that seamlessly transitions the user experience from a digital sign to a mobile device’s web browser
Aila Technologies Delivers seamless experiences for enterprises, uniting real-world and online operations to empower employees, streamline workflows and delight customers at every touchpoint
AOPEN America AOPEN specializes in smart product solutions for on-premises and cloud computing including smart kiosks, machine vision and data capture, and digital signage
Celerant Technology Enables retailers to deliver a great customer experience while optimizing back end operations through a powerful multi-channel retail solution
DTiQ A leading provider of intelligent video-based surveillance and loss prevention services for the hospitality, convenience store, and retail industries
dunnhumby Offers a platform that is a unique mix of technology, software and consulting enabling businesses to increase revenue and profits by delivering exceptional experiences to a client’s customers in-store, offline, and online
Elastic Path Software Provides sophisticated API-driven enterprise commerce platform
Exchange Solutions Designs, builds, and operates customer engagement programs that use datadriven, personalized incentives to increase valuable customer behaviors
Flow Flow is a comprehensive and flexible solution that simplifies the management of cross border e-commerce to power global growth for brands and retailers
Ladingo Harness efficient and affordable ocean freight forwarding of both large & small items in the e-commerce landscape
Monetate The Company’s platform empowers brands to deliver uniquely engaging experiences that drive business results
Openbravo Delivers cloud-based Omnichannel software aimed toward redefining agility and innovation across the retail landscape
Parcel Pending A package management solution provider that improves the BOPIS process through its inventive locker technology
Pointy Provides a device that aids local retailers put their stock online so that they can be discovered via search engines
Pristine Infotech Offers an intuitive SaaS platform that predicts shopper behavior, enabling retailers to act swiftly and deliver personalized experiences to individual shoppers
Profitect A SaaS software company that offers an award-winning prescriptive analytics solution including “smart tasks” to its customers across all verticals in retail and CPG
Sellr Technologies The company’s solutions enables physical retailers to deliver engaging digital experience to people visiting their stores
Verve Provides a location-based mobile marketing platform that connects advertisers with consumers to deliver successful business outcomes
Volumatic A pioneer in designing, manufacturing, and implementing intelligent cash handling solutions
Ximble Powerful scheduling and precise time-tracking, for efficient workforce management