Optical Phusion Inc. (OPI): Accentuating the Retail Customer Experience

Scott Arnold, President
Successful retail decision-making strategies are a result of identifying the potential customers and integrating customer insights with powerful technologies. However, over the years, it has been observed that there’s a real requirement for quality integration services in the retail space, from mobility applications to enterprise systems integration. This imperative need and a desire to fill this void propagated the Optical Phusion Inc. (OPI) team to develop application-based solutions which provide enterprise mobility integration, driving entire lifecycles of wireless technology projects, for a range of markets specializing in retail. “OPI has since built a business upon delivering data collection and network integration services to retailers and supply chain organizations,” reveals Scott Arnold, President, OPI.

Often, retailers have seasonal spikes in the development and deployment of technology solutions. The cost of technology, shortened lifecycles of solutions, and competitive pressure from multiple channels are some of the biggest challenges faced by retailers worldwide. OPI’s plan of action starts with understanding where the client senses an opportunity for Return on Investment (ROI), then laying out a need-specific solution concept, and additional functionalities get attached in the process from design to complete development of the solution.

“The lifecycle of a project has four critical stages: the solutions concept design, systems development, implementation and deployment, and field support. OPI extends technological and operational expertise to retail customers in the design and development stages. We have the depot and operational infrastructure to execute a chain-wide deployment as well as support over the complete lifecycle of the project,” assures Arnold.

OPI’s Kiosk-based video content management application—Video 6—helps retailers counter multi-channel pressure by giving marketing and store operations the ability to communicate on their pro-motional activities.

When shoppers search store shelves, they want their favorite brands, not empty slots. This is where mobility services and OPI kiosks shine

Promotional videos are subsequently prioritized to be delivered to the store by IT. OPI has deployed nearly 10,000 kiosk supporting applications such as Loyalty and Coupon Printing, Price Verification, Promotional Videos, and others.

OPI’s focus is on the development of an HD Content Management and Distribution Tool which would enable a variety of kiosks to add promotional video capability. Video 6 will enhance a Price Checker into a multifunction kiosk by adding promotional video capability. This is true of other kiosks as well, in the loyalty, gift card, and couponing or self-checkout space. The content we would look to distribute is 5M–100 Meg promotional HD videos. The average mid-size to large retailer may want to have 20 to 30 such videos available in each store to promote various specials by department at different times throughout the week or month. A retail chain is likely to consist of 500 to 2000 stores (maybe more). Video change over from week to week or month to month creates a real need to manage the video approval cycle, release process and availability dates.

Arnold and his team study the client’s install base and understand their background so as to leverage an existing application on a new technology platform from service to pricing. “Studying the market and understanding client needs will help move OPI’s business forward, which will be a testament to customers valuing our company’s skills, approach, and commitment to execution. OPI will continue to expand their business to support the growth of existing and future clients,” Arnold concludes.

Optical Phusion, Inc.

Littleton, MA

Scott Arnold, President

OPI drives the entire lifecycle of wireless technology projects with application-based solutions for a range of markets specializing in retail, supply chain, and field sales organizations