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Jack Thompson Co-Founder & Chairman Pranav Tyagi, Founding Partner Brad Biagini, Chief Operating Officer Bart Waldeck, Chief Marketing Officer
It takes two to tango, believes Jack Thompson, Co-Founder and Chairman of Tango Management Consulting. In this fast changing retail landscape, Thompson sees a growing need for speed and precision. "Tango is a fluid dance marked by precise movements in double time, which is exactly what we’re helping retailers do with their store portfolios. The speed and precision at which retailers can plan, develop and manage store locations has a dramatic impact on both the top and bottom line”, adds Thompson.

Tango Management Consulting is a full service firm providing innovative solutions for retail and corporate real estate. Their focus is exclusively on the Store Lifecycle (SLM) and Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) space, delivering strategy services, application services, managed services, and hosting services to organizations. “To help retailers determine where they want to go from a store lifecycle management perspective, we first start by assessing where they are today. By analyzing their people, processes and technology tools, we can begin to identify pockets of value – for example, identifying process and technology inefficiencies in the new store development process to shave weeks off, the time it takes to open a store, thus increasing sales weeks. Collectively these value opportunities make up the business case for investment and change,” says Brad Biagini, Chief Operating Officer for Tango Management Consulting.

TMC helps organizations develop winning strategies to transition from fragmented technologies to a single efficient store lifecycle management platform. “Organizational needs vary, and so should the supporting technology. TMC has helped hundreds of retail brands define requirements and select and implement the right solutions to fit their business needs,” adds Biagini.

TMC’s services help retailers develop and execute real estate strategies with confidence.
“For retailers the stakes could not be higher. Stores represent a retailer’s #1 source of revenue and building and remodeling of new and existing stores is their #1 use of capital. Not to mention occupancy costs –i.e. rent – which represents a retailer’s #2 or #3 enterprise expense,” says Bart Waldeck, Chief Marketing Officer. “Wringing inefficiencies out of the process results in higher revenue, faster speed to market, lower occupancy costs, and higher profits,” adds Waldeck.

TMC recently helped one such client who was routinely taking 18-24 months to open each new restaurant. "They wanted us to look at the overall process of both corporate and franchisee locations and help them optimize the entire store development process," says Pranav Tyagi, Founding Partner.

We provide comprehensive store lifecycle management solution for retailers, globally

The TMC team worked with the client to develop a technology roadmap for the entire store lifecycle. Once the blueprint was ready, TMC implemented the recommendations, and as a result, the client was able to open new locations on average 70 days sooner than before, which resulted in savings of 25 million dollars per year. "We put in place a new infrastructure including integrated analytics, helping them reduce cannibalization, open more profitable new stores and optimally close un-profitable locations,” adds Tyagi.

Today, Tango Management Consulting is expanding these services all over the world, including Asia, Latin America, and Europe. "Retailers outside of the U.S. have an opportunity to leapfrog their North American counterparts by adopting innovative store lifecycle management processes and solutions straightaway. TMC has the experience and knowledge to help them get there quickly and cost effectively,” concludes Waldeck.

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Jack Thompson Co-Founder & Chairman Pranav Tyagi, Founding Partner Brad Biagini, Chief Operating Officer Bart Waldeck, Chief Marketing Officer

Providing innovative solutions for retail and corporate real-estate, focusing on store lifecycle (SLM) and Integrated Workplace Management (IWMS) space.