Tango Analytics: The first fully integrated Cloud based Customer & Location Predictive Analytics and

Pranav Tyagi, President and CEO; Jack Thompson, Chairman
After spearheading retail real estate practices at BearingPoint, Ernst & Young, and Deloitte Consulting, Jack Thompson and Pranav Tyagi felt that, though a number of companies offered pure GIS solutions, and a number of others offered business process automation solutions (IWMS solutions) for store lifecycle management, they were not doing enough to quench the thirst of customers operating in the space.

“The days of standalone, disconnected and highly customized GIS solutions or store lifecycle management point solutions trapped behind a client’s firewall are over. Today’s customers demand a geospatially enabled platform that integrates map content and provides predictive analytics and store lifecycle management capabilities on a global scale,” says Pranav Tyagi, Co- Founder & CEO of Tango Analytics.

Headquartered in Irving, TX, Tango Analytics provides a comprehensive location strategy solution that combines advanced Big Data predictive analytics with an innovative cloud-based and mobile geospatially enabled platform for managing all decision making for retail real estate. “For 20 plus years we have been in this industry working with retailers and restaurant companies on their challenges from a location strategy and execution perspective. The Tango Analytics platform allows retailers to collaborate and manage the process for market planning, sales forecasting, lease administration, proforma/ capital planning, site approvals, construction cost and project management in a fully integrated manner.” points out Jack Thompson, Co-Founder and Chairman of Tango Analytics. “All of these ultimately help clients make better and faster decisions related to location, brand and product”.

A real life example of how Tango’s solution benefits its customers was published in a front page article in The Boston Globe last year, where Dunkin Donuts’ leadership discussed how Tango’s solution helped them make a relocation decision that resulted in sales improving by over 50 percent. “The application told us the demographics in this area had really shifted over time,” said Grant Benson, Vice President of franchising at Dunkin’ Brands Group. “People aren’t as likely to get out and have a cup of coffee in the morning here anymore. They’re getting it on the way to something else.”The company’s solutions recently helped one such client who was taking 18-24 months on average to open new locations. “They wanted us to look at the overall processof both corporate and franchise store development.
They wanted to optimize the process and open great sites fast. Two years later, they went back and evaluated the effectiveness of our solution and determined that they opened stores on average 70 days faster and at a 12 percent increased sales volume," says Tyagi. In another case, the Tango Analytics team helped a client who was closing almost 500 stores as part of their portfolio rationalization effort. By determining which would be the best locations to close, so that the existing customers could be recaptured by the remaining sister stores, the store chain successfully recaptured the maximum number of customers.

We have combined three discrete value chains – predictive analytics, big data geospatial processing, and store life-cycle management – and combined it into one value proposition, which differentiates us from the rest

Tango Analytics’ solution is being used in 55 countries, enabling clients to have a common platform to conduct business across global boundaries. “Our clients use our platform extensively and are able to bring industry best practices to managing their retail portfolios. In addition, we have now started our own division for building and collecting geo-demographic datasets, allowing our clients to make smarter market and site location decisions outside of the U.S.,” says Tyagi.

Tango Analytics uses a blend of industry standard technology from vendors like Oracle to build an all-inclusive geo-spatial solution. The company has fabricated its entire Big Data infrastructure using technologies such as MongoDB and Hadoop for managing massive volumes of data, and developed sophisticated parallel computing and multi-threaded big data analytics engines for crunching and processing data. “We have combined three discrete value chains – predictive analytics, big-data geospatial processing, and store life-cycle management–and combined it into one value proposition, which differentiates us from the rest,” concludes Thompson.

Tango Analytics

Irving, TX

Pranav Tyagi, President and CEO; Jack Thompson, Chairman

A company that provides advanced customer and location predictive analytics in an innovative cloud-based and mobile store lifecycle management platform for managing all decision making for retail real estate.