Scala: Digital Signage Solutions to Connect Retailers with Consumers

Tom Nix, CEO
Seated at the head of the conference table in the boardroom, Tom Nix cannot help but notice the crackling ideas coming from each of his team members on how to make point-of-decision easier with digital signs and displays in the fast changing retail landscape. Being an avid learner, the CEO of Scala likes being surrounded by intelligent minds igniting his love for work. As Nix describes, Scala as a company has a passion for creating intelligent digital signage software and solutions joining consumers, employees and products.

Nix acknowledges arising concern in the retail sector—the fast flourishing online consumer sites like Amazon. “Retailers are trying to figure out what these online consumer sites are doing, from a loyalty point of view. This has made them put together a strategy that will try to extend their reach to customers digitally, so that they can better compete with the likes of Amazon,” says Nix. To help them achieve this, Scala is constantly working on solutions that increase sales, improve brand loyalty, optimize the customer experience, and reinforce business objectives.

Now, the primary focus of retailers is to connect with their consumers in stores by bridging the gap between mobile devices and in-store technologies. Scala’s technology enables retailers to form a connection with customers through electronic devices like cell phones and tablets with dynamic digital displays. Beacons or Near Field Communication devices give shoppers more control of their shopping experience with vibrant screens in-store. “Customers carry their mobile devices with them wherever they go, so with NFC retailers can read user preferences from their devices and customize messages to deliver a personalized experience like providing them with loyalty cards, payment methods, coupons, and free tickets,” adds Nix.

Scala’s digital signage software and solutions provides various professional services like digital menu boards, interactive navigation tools, place making, exhibitions, public installations, marketing, and outdoor advertising. The solution also acts as an integral part of disaster preparedness plans and safety notification/emergency messaging networks.
Another feature in Scala’s product, “Fling,” drives customer engagement by linking a product browser app on a tablet with one or more digital screens on a wall; a salesperson can simply swipe to “fling” content from the tablet onto the larger screens enabling a more robust customer experience by providing complementary product recommendations in addition to the featured product.

Scala’s technology enables the retailers to form a connection with their customers through their mobile devices with the dynamic digital display

Scala’s solutions have benefitted many brands, including Last Call Studio (LCS), an off-price brand of a large, upscale U.S. based fashion retailer. LCS was interested in using digital signage to drive sales but was concerned about cost and return on investment. As a solution, Scala installed three sets of portrait-mode screens in the stores targeting specific product groups of women’s attires and accessories. Messages designed to entice the customers were flashed on the screens. After four weeks, the data analyses showed an increase in conversion rate for dresses and shoes, but the results for handbags exhibited a significant decline. Revisiting the digital media items revealed that handbags represented only in three out of the 15 advertising clips. Once LCS and Scala worked on the issue, handbag section not only attained a higher conversion rate, but the actual handbag shown on screen sold out.

Scala’s iconic existence in the retail market for the past 26 years dwarfs all their competitors. Going forward, the company wants to spread their wings in the Asian region, along with strengthening their foothold in the American region. “The innovative ideas that employees of Scala project are the reason we are growing at a constant pace, constituting an environment where people are able to dream a solution,” concludes Nix.


Exton, PA

Tom Nix, CEO

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