NuWare Technology Corporation: Cost-effective Market Tested Solutions to Mitigate Retail Risks

Venk Krishnan, CEO and President
Venk Krishnan hates micromanaging, as he feels it can wobble employees’ confidence and efforts. He considers employees as the most important assets as they play a vital role in shaping up the growth story of an organization. “The key strength of Nu- Ware is our workforce and flexible delivery model, combined with near shore business expertise,” states Krishnan, CEO and President, NuWare Technology Corporation.

In this digital era, CIOs in the retail sector look for innovation, action, and pragmatic IT solutions in a cost-effective way. “Businesses always need information to make objective decisions on their retail strategy, but the data that resides in disparate and legacy systems cannot be easily collated,” explains Krishnan. Divulging on the latest technological evolution in retail, Krishnan points out the move towards ‘self-service business intelligence reporting frameworks’ on top of unified data repositories. “These data repositories consolidate all possible information about the customer from various sources including social media, multi-channel interactions, demographic information, and previous purchasing patterns,” he adds.

Founded in 1994, NuWare Technology Corporation provides solutions for Life Sciences, Capital Markets, and CPG/ Retail verticals. “We offer cost-effective market tested solutions that range from Cloud Computing, Big Data and Social Media Analytics, Mobility, and Remote Infrastructure Management to mitigate retail risk and address the changing needs of our clients,” claims Krishnan.

With the world of Big Data changing rapidly, NuWare has also created a strong foothold in conceptualizing and providing compelling Big Data analytics solutions for retail sector. “Our expertise in Big Data analytics comes from our technical ability to exploit, quickly understand the disruptive technologies, tools, and deploy quick turnaround solutions. Our vast technical expertise helps us to tap the potential area of opportunities to realign client’s strategy and goals,” claims Krishnan.

NuWare's Cloud powered NuPOC solution offers enterprises to document their current environment, make a highlevel assessment, and enable them a truly functional Cloud solution. In addition, they also offer Quickwin program that helps to make right decisions on IT investments and business strategies.
NuWare’s retail solutions also play a vital role in improving ROI, based on cross sell opportunities and conversion trends analyzed for different products. At one instance, the company developed a unified CRM application for a leading ecommerce retailer, which seamlessly integrated the call center users with campaign managers, media buyers, supply chain users, and third party logistics providers. The solution reduced marketing expenditure and kept the inventory levels in close alignment with the business needs. NuWare also solved some of the biggest challenges like shopping cart abandonment, up-sell opportunities, thus improving the client’s ROI.

Taking advantage of the smartphone boom, NuWare services also helps in easing out difficulties of the mobile workforce. The company has collaborated with MobiDM to provide a full-featured cloud-based mobility Platform as a Service (mPaaS) that IT departments can easily deploy in minutes to mobilize their workforce.
“NuWare’s team of experts, in the area of BYOD and the MobiDM product suite, help our customers to iron out any difficulties in adopting or managing the BYOD boom,” he adds.
The company is looking forward to become the Business Analytics and Omnichannel Framework solution provider for the retail industry.

We offer cost-effective market tested solutions to mitigate retail risk and address the changing needs of our clients

“We believe we should be our customers’ go-to person for their problems, who can help them digitize the retail value chain,” he states. Forecasting the retail sector’s future, Krishnan says, “IT firms that understand how to bring Big Data, analytics, and mobility into a single unified solution will create the right impact.

The company deems in being a part of the client’s problem solving team, offering customized solutions through latest technologies. As Krishnan rightly says, “staying relevant is as important as staying latest.”


Iselin, NJ

Venk Krishnan, CEO and President

Offering market tested solutions that range from Cloud-Computing, Big Data and Social Media Analytics, Mobility, and Remote Infrastructure Management