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Richard Gaetano, COO
Richard Gaetano, COO of Island Pacific Systems, Inc. is a soccer fanatic. He thinks that the balancing act between short-term success and longterm planning, which professional soccer clubs are continuously engaged in, is true for the challenges faced by businesses in retail sector. “The business strategies that I have adopted from my favorite sport is leadership, structure and strong team work, and Island Pacific has always made it a point to have a mix of youth and experience in the company for a better field set up,” says Gaetano.

For 30 years, Island Pacific has been providing merchandising and store operations solutions globally, enabling retailers to manage the entire scope of their operations. “With the cutthroat competition in the market and evolution of modern technology, retailers want to adapt new ways to reach the customers. The common challenge that CIO’s are facing today is trying to maintain scalability, durability, and performance while using some of the less matured platforms in their stores or organizations. The retailers expect to have that innovation in the products we offer, that will help them stay ahead of the curve,” says Gaetano.

Island Pacific is the definitive resource for adaptable and affordable solutions for retailers around the world. The retailers are now concentrating on mobile POS solutions, eCommerce and direct to consumer solutions providing comprehensive customer data capture, effective order processing, and optimum customer service.

The Island Pacific SmartConnect integration service is the simple solution to connect existing POS or ERP system to mobiles. “Retailers are able to reap the benefits of a rapid deployment, fasttracking time to market from a mobile solution. Island Pacific Mobile devices communicate directly with the Island Pacific SmartConnect service. The integration service handles the requests real-time, managing communications with your back end systems, and returning the appropriate responses,” says Mike Dotson, VP Global Sales, Island Pacific Systems, Inc.

Meanwhile the other popular solution catering to eCommerce and direct to consumers is Island Pacific SmartChannel, which is highly configurable, and a scalable architecture that can be easily extended.
While making the most of technological advances, the intuitive design reduces training time and order entry errors, and results in better and faster customer interactions. This solution can accommodate both national and international retailers, and supports multiple languages and currencies with no loss of functionality.

The retailers are able to reap the benefits of a rapid deployment, fasttracking time to market from our solutions

Island Pacific solutions have helped clients like rue21, Urban Outfitters, Pacific Sunwear, Aeropostale, Ralph Lauren, VF, and PVH. The Dune Group, a prominent UK retailer catering to footwear and accessories vertical was able to enhance their store sale with Island Pacific’s solutions. The international retailer, having operations in 20 plus countries, implemented the full end-toend solution of Island Pacific with mobile addition for their omni solutions. Now they are using iPad mini in their stores to break the queue as well as for click and collect processes that are special orders for customers. This resulted in mobile solution accounting for 8 percent of all of their sales in store and 20 percent of all the sales from the web. “So when we see one out of 5 sales in the store is coming through an iPad device, we know that it is our solution that has helped in the sale,” adds Dotson.

Going forward, the company wants to push the borders internationally and increase their technological reach to Europe and Asia. They want to add a dash of new technologies and applications concentrating on the change in retail sector. “There are so many markets that have not yet been technologically touched, we want to go and look at them and try to implement our latest innovations,” concludes Gaetano.

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Richard Gaetano, COO and Mike Dotson, VP Global Sales

Provides merchandising and store operations software solutions to the retail industry globally.