DataXstream: SAP Integration Strategies for Successful Implementation

Tim Yates, President and CEO
Tim Yates speaks with enthusiasm about his love for alpine racing and how meeting the challenge of this sport resonates equally with the same dedication and passion of his work, reengineering solutions to adapt latest technologies. The CEO and President of DataXstream observes, “The consumer in tow with the retail industry is changing by the minute. Providing a consistent multi channel retail experience for the customer across social media, website, call center, and store is vital to transform businesses.”

DataXstream’s methodology is centered on a highly collaborative approach to leverage SAP technologies that enable clients to achieve higher business performance and maximize their ROI. “Disruptive technologies such as SAP HANA allow retailers to take operational data and merge it into business reporting needs. It offers the ability to query dynamically without any significant pre planning effort, for retail data comes in at the speed of light and it is very important for retailers to be able to outpace competition,” says Yates. Compared to the traditional reporting environment, with SAP HANA, the reporting side is very quick and as patterns emerge, new queries can be adapted to elicit faster reports.

For instance, the company’s advanced Order Management / POS application enabled Fruit Growers Supply Company to seamlessly migrate from their existing POS solution to simplify their order process, streamline transaction cycle time, and gain the ability to implement complex specialty retail transaction processes. “By overlaying their existing SAP order processes with our solution we are able to maintain legacy orders and at the same time implement a new POS order process, allowing them to expand their overall store capabilities,” says Yates.

Across retail stores in the U.S. and Canada, DataXstream’s Order Management / POS solution enables complex order processing on the back end, leveraging SAP and a simple user interface at the frontend that is really targeted at the retailers. “When the customer places a request for a material, the entire logistics kicks in at the back end to source that item in the supply chain and the warehouse.
The complex long processes on multitouch retail transactions is simplified on the front end for the store associate to manage,” says Yates.

The hardwood flooring retailer, Lumber Liquidators, needed to deploy a hardware platform that would support not only the company’s initial implementation, but also future growth. DataXstream’s rare combination of project leadership, business process knowledge, and SAP technical expertise was their ultimate choice. DataXstream tuned a virtualization solution that not only supported the new implementation, but also reduced the amount of hardware by two-thirds in comparison to a traditional solution.

The disruptive technologies such as SAP HANA allow retailers to take operational data and merge it into business reporting needs

DataXstream also provides a SAP certified product, the Xstream Connector, which aids software companies to rapidly enable their product in the SAP market place. The semi-custom adapter bridges the gap between writing technical interface programs with SAP and using an adapter built into a third party application.

DataXstream’s SAP expertise is leveraged by clients across the US and internationally to adapt to the continually changing business environment and customer needs. “We are expanding our product development and our solutions to move quicker and faster into leveraging the HTML5 and JavaScript technologies so as to make the solution more portable across platforms,” states Yates. DataXstream’s reputation for SAP technical and functional expertise and the company’s solution offerings help organizations to successfully leverage ERP infrastructure and realize a better return on investment.


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Tim Yates, President and CEO

DataXstream provides SAP systems integration and Consulting.