AI Shapes the Future of Retail Ecosystem
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AI Shapes the Future of Retail Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Since the inception of AI, the retail industry has struggled to deploy AI effectively because of the very little knowledge of how it can be used to bring changes. With time the perspective of AI has changed—from being an add-on feature to being a quintessential part of a toolkit that is centered on customer experience. With the increasing complexity of channel habits and entry of game-changing technology into re-orientation of business functions around specific groups of customers, there is a deployment of AI by retail players to drive the various functions such as merchandising, marketing personalization and so on.

The requirement for automating the delivery of actionable insights for a retailer is driven by the lack of skills as well as the complexity of multi-channel customer behavioral pattern. AI process cannot significantly replace humans owing to the fact that conventional methods will be incapable of performing jobs at a similar speed. The presence of AI enables the marketers to stay up to speed with the changes and also personalize the process at momentous scale.

Automation can be seen to remove a lot of limitations that are laid out by the DIY insights which enable businesses to focus on automation and other tasks at hand. In combination with cloud computing, there is a lot of scope at what can be accomplished for systems that are self-taught which are notable for their speed and can help in client acquisition.