Ability Commerce: Upgrading Retail Businesses With Technology
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Ability Commerce: Upgrading Retail Businesses With Technology

Shawn Ellen, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ability Commerce
Shawn Ellen, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ability Commerce

Shawn Ellen, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ability Commerce

Economic recovery – a phrase that permits businesses and the public to breathe a huge sigh of relief. There is absolutely no doubt now that the world is recovering from the economic downturn of the last few years. There is more money around and more scope for investment across the board. This recovery is proving exciting especially for retailers as they once again gained the confidence, and most importantly the money to start investing in their future to reach out to potential new customers. Ability Commerce is an ERP for retailer businesses that stands at the forefront of the retail software and services market. The company provides a wide range of software packages and services through three main retail product lines: order management, ecommerce and finance/accounting.

Shawn Ellen, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ability Commerce says, “We provide software and service solutions to customers and over time the value grows incrementally.” The company’s main customer base is medium sized retailers –whose annual sales revenue is $10m to $250m. They feel they have a great lead on their competition because of good planning, investments and astute marketing. There seems to be little competition for the company at present in an industry with tens of thousands of potential customers. Ability Commerce is in a confident position.

“With a lot of our Order Management System competitors no longer in this space, and with retailers now having the financial capacity to replace their old systems, we find ourselves in a great position,” says Ellen. Ability Commerce offers not just the software platform but also implementation and support services.

A big competitive advantage they have is that their platforms are integrated, and selling one typically helps sell the other. Many competitors offer just the front-end or the back-end but Ability Commerce offers them both services.

With demand for their solution already growing, Ability Commerce wants to ensure they continue successfully implementations to keep customers happy with a steady growth.

Seeing positive changes in the retail industry with Ability Commerce’s efforts, the firm will continue to shine on and bring new solutions and services in the coming years ahead.

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