Omni Channel Merchandising Creates New Opportunities

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Omni Channel Merchandising Creates New Opportunities

Omni-channel merchandising opportunities in retailing makes it possible for retailers to blend the art of experience, taste and judgment with optimization science and advanced analytics.

By combining the omni-channel retail trends and strategies, retailers can intelligently determine the most desirable and profitable products, prices, promotions and markdowns. 

Read this whitepaper to learn why omnichannel merchandising has become must-have thing for today’s retailer. It focuses on:
•    What are the biggest challenges that retailers are facing when moving towards an omnichannel merchandising model? 
•    What tools will be the most useful in meeting those challenges in an omnichannel retailing environment?
•    What are some of the ‘basics’, retailers need to have in place as they move toward an omnichannel merchandising strategy??
•    What are the mileposts on the road to creating and executing a successful omnichannel merchandising strategy?

Read this whitepaper to discover how retailers can tap new sources of demand data in tailoring their assortments to more sharply defined customer segments, improving turnover, sell-through and profitability in an omnichannel retailing environment.


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