Shipping Nirvana: A Guide to Efficient Shipping

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Shipping Nirvana: A Guide to Efficient Shipping

Shipping process has changed dramatically over the past few years and there are many reasons a customer may be ticked off.

When you're first starting to build out your shipping process, it's easy to just do what gets the orders out the door and never re-visit how to make your processes more efficient.

This whitepaper helps eCommerce companies become more efficient shippers.

Key takeaways from this Guide on Efficient Shipping: 

  • Shipping software tips and Customer shipping pricing strategies 

  • How you set up your physical shipping space—your ShipStation.

  • Breaking down how efficient your shipping processes are.

  • Setting up your physical shipping space with the right tools to make your shipping process even more efficient

  • Package Customization: Choosing the right box sizes for your products 

  • How to save money on postage and shipping and to ship internationally

  • How to handle large increases in orders when your current shipping process may not be best suited to handle them

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