An Introduction to Information Security

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An Introduction to Information Security

What is information security and how is it achieved?

Information security: The protection of information and its critical elements, including systems and hardware that use, store, and transmit that information. Information system security underpins the commercial viability and profitability of enterprises of all sizes and the effectiveness of public sector organizations.

This informative whitepaper takes a deeper look at the various information system security challenges and solutions. It addresses:

  • How can you select appropriate techniques to tackle and solve problems in the discipline of information security management?

  • Why is information system security important for any modern organization and what are the various components of information security?

  • How an information security management system should be planned, documented, implemented and improved?

  • How can you outline the phases of the information security systems and product development life cycle?

Read this whitepaper on “An Introduction to Information Security,” that provides a high-level description of the current information security environment, including its various aspects and how they interact.


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